A Multi-Media Agency with a strong track record providing publishing, media consulting and production services. Nana Knows PTSD and PTSD Partner is our Corporate Social Responsibility, and Official Lipstick Reader is our Event Entertainment Fundraiser.

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Nana Knows PTSD

Best-selling author draws on life experiences to craft book
to help other survivors talk about PTSD with their children



Miranda’s Creatives, LLC, has provided funding for COHH through the following initiatives. They include but are not limited to:

  • Anita Miranda Photography/Videographer (an individual or event photography service that highlights the unique qualities of an individual that may not initially be seen by casual observance or themselves and captures your moments)
  • Miranda’s KISS (an entertaining and engaging service that interprets lip imprints in much the same way that a palm reader charts a person’s life via a KISS, it is all about the lips)
  • Living Disabled NOT Dead (a platform that provides a wide variety of strong support, a blog to share our journeys and faithful encouragement for those living with disabilities)
  • Ask Nana Children’s Book Series (dedicated to helping children deal with important issues they are experiencing in their homes like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism, Physical and Mental Disabilities, Depression, Diabetes, and other conditions that may be confusing from a child’s perspective)
  • Red Carpet Academy with Media PRO and More (developed to prepare women and men how to present themselves in the best possible light when they are on camera, primarily geared towards entrepreneurs, corporate executives and business professionals who need to give interviews, present materials, or have to be “in the limelight” for any reason with video and photography)

These initiatives (and more) help individuals and businesses recognize and promote the beauty and strength derived from their own incredible stories, and all of our energy is devoted to helping remove (sometimes self-imposed) barriers to their success. Every effort we put forth is to bring well-deserved attention, support and love to individuals who need guidance in realizing their potential.

For more information, please feel free to call me at 1-877-605-6389 or email me at livingdisabled@gmail.com. If your organization has a need for any of the above services, we welcome the opportunity to earn additional funding for COHH. We don’t accept handouts; we are a working charity offering individuals many options to learn new skills, acclimate to a working environment, community service and “Pay It Forward” for those who receive our services. Because I was once that little girl who wanted so much more, my team and I dedicate our lives to helping others with the Circle Of Helping Hands platform. Whether you are a potential donor, a media representative, or simply an individual who would like to learn more about my services, I welcome your call or email.

Nana KNows Series Joined
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