Stories of Courage

A Family In Need

Holds a true friend with both hands.

A man happens to place an ad on Craigslist, unbeknownst to him and his family, seeking any type of work that new opportunities would befall him. He had been down on his luck for over seven years and it appeared that he was not going to get a break. He is an artist by trade yet any type of work would be welcomed. He has been reunited with his former spouse and their two children. Alas, no one could find employment.

Circle of Helping Hands staff was searching for an artist. Not just any artist but someone who painted murals and had an eye for a vision. Before the end of the night, COHH was able to offer this family man a paying gig for a small job. No job is too small and one never knows what doors are being opened. This is Circle of Helping Hands.

Where Should I Go?

Moving on is simple, what you leave behind that makes it difficult. .

A young women, in her early thirties, was referred to COHH sometime in 2006. She had been going to college for over 10 years and still had not selected a major. She had worked with several organizations as an employee yet could not hold a job. She still lived in her parent’s home and did not have any idea of where and what she wanted to do with her life. She had just lost her security guard position and was told she was “not measuring up.” She did not know who or where to turn.

COHH helped this young women find a counselor, diagnosed with a disability, applied for social benefits, received financial aid to complete her AA. She is now living on her own, purchased her dream vehicle, currently employed and has choices for her life. She volunteers for COHH and other non-profits. She is recognized as a leader and continues to strive for balance in her life. This is Circle of Helping Hands.

I Thought I Was Retired

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one..

COHH’s staff was on duty this particular hot Arizona day. The task was to go to a DES job opportunity site and offer services to those who could use some additional help. After meeting many unemployed men and women, one of the job counselors asked if we do seminars. We were honored and quickly said yes. We sent a director and associate to assist with makeovers and interview skills. We had a good audience and two hours to make a difference. Upon concluding, COHH ran a drawing of a free makeover, photo shoot, resume revision, and live interview 101. One lady in particular whispered quite loudly she hoped she won. Her name was drawn within seconds.

Do you believe in miracles? This mature lady (in her 60’s) was so excited. She booked her session within a couple of days. She had to ride the bus, carry her interview clothes, had not eaten anything all day and was beaming from ear to ear when she arrived. After several hours, a hot meal, hot rollers, great skin, and a new wardrobe, she was ready. She was timid at first. Within minutes she warmed up and loved the camera. Her photo shoot was an incredible experience for her and our staff. Within two weeks, she had her resume in hand, her interview techniques down pat, and looked like a million bucks. We are pleased to share that she has found employment. Sometimes we never know what to expect in life. For this 60+ amazing lady…she thought “I was retired,” just needed a helping hand. This is Circle of Helping Hands.