DO SOMETHING, Our Lives Depend On It

It seems to be kind to one another is a very difficult task. There is too much unkindness in the world and yet when we have a disfigurement, disability, birth defect, aging etc. that we have no control of, we are still laughed at, teased, ignored, and bullied.

Every day when out and about, I hear the words, “Thank You For Your Service”. And I say You Are Welcome. I really want to say, Thanks but do something about it. Hire the one you would not typically choose because of how they look, sound, or appear kind of odd.

Do something out of the ordinary. Buy a cup of coffee or tea, take someone to lunch, buy their lunch, sit next to someone and hear their story. I say DO SOMETHING!. Anything. Please. Our lives depend on it.

Just Disabled, NOT Dead Anita Miranda