Your Path of Transformation

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Do YOU Need a Style Makeover for Your Online First Impression?

Are you NOT getting the love you deserve? What is the camera saying about you? Are you TIRED of being the solo act? Trending at 40+?

Scottsdale, AZ July 22, 2014 – Online dating has become more main stream than ever, with women making up 47.6% of the population looking for love on the Internet. Websites such as,, and are popular destinations for matchmaking, but many women may find themselves not receiving the attention they desire. Anita Miranda is pleased to announce her new service Miranda’s KISS, (Keeping Image Sharp & Simple).  Miranda’s KISS will help any individual present their best self to online suitors.

Growing up as a ward of the court, Miranda was terrified of being photographed.  Instead of letting the fear control and define her, she faced her fear head-on. This move became Miranda’s KISS. Miranda took her studies one step beyond.  She learned the ins and outs of videography; simultaneously studying photography. She learned how celebrities are taught to present themselves to the camera, as well as utilizing camera angles, natural and studio lighting, hair and makeup artistry, camera-ready wardrobe selection and studio or on location staging. Through her journey of self-doubt, not thinking she was “thin” enough, and other excuses women and men commonly tell themselves, Miranda developed her own confidence and turned her talents to helping others with a four hour “Transformation” camera-ready session.

You will learn how to use your best assets in a way that gains attention and the poise of the self-assured. Upon completion of a session, women and men will walk away with self-confidence, chic appearance, and professional photos. The package is also suitable for anyone wanting to “transform” his or her business image. For a limited time, the transformation package comes with a bonus gift of a complimentary 250-word biography (business) or profile (personal) to help individuals get noticed.

Miranda’s KISS was developed to help its participants bravely conquer their fears of the camera, no matter their age, size or shape. Online dating is an exciting world just waiting to be explored, and Miranda wants to give men and women the courage to do so.  With a little help from a friend of course.