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Do You Believe in Miracles?

We will examine what your lips are telling you.  We know– we have been there and everyone struggles with fear and/or indecisiveness .

Because we do Kiss N Tell. We want to hear your story.

Together, we will shatter the barriers leading to career, happiness, joy, love and passion for you.



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Mailing Address:
8780 E McKellips Rd
Scottsdale, AZ  85257

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About Lipstick Readings

kissntellLips are the symbol of seduction — we taste and kiss with them. Each lip imprint is unlike another’s and tells a person’s story. A lipstick reading (where you apply fresh lipstick and kiss (we provide beautifully crafted love cards). The reader interprets the lines, how you apply your lipstick, what color you choose (somewhat like a palm reading) is entertaining, engaging, and proceeds benefits

You are provided with a brand new lipstick (you get to keep), a mirror to be picture perfect, and a specially designed homemade card designed and crafted through our charity Kiss your card like you are kissing a love letter. We ask for you to kiss twice for your past and present. And the best part like no other, you get to ask the universe one question (you know that question…that nagging question you would like to ask if you only could). This is IT. One of a kind Kiss-N-Tell lipstick readings.

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Mailing Address:
8780 E McKellips Rd
Scottsdale, AZ  85257

Private Readings

Private Lipstick Readings with Miranda

In Person:*

In Office:**

15 min | $45

30 min | $75

45 min | $100

Available only in Arizona.  You Get To Keep The Lipstick and receive a Gift Certificate

For California residents by telephone, Google Hangout, or Skype options.  You receive two follow up sessions by email within 30 days.


choose how many minutes

Lipstick Reading by phone or video chat

15 min | $20

30 min | $35

45 min | $45

*Choose lip color from color wheel/No Lipstick

choose how many minutes

Group Event

Event Pricing: We serve your needs no matter how many guests you may have.

Up to 2 hours | $150 /hr*

Third – fourth hour (same event) | $125 /hr

Fifth + $100 per hour (same event)

AZ and available in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada for $110 surcharge.

*Minimum of 2 hours for all events in Arizona
*Minimum of 4 hours for all events in Southern California

Parties minimum of 10 People, Host is complimentary, up to 2 hours = $300 AZ
Parties minimum of 10 People, Host is complimentary, up to 2 hours = $350 CA, Las Vegas NV
(Individuals receive a longer session and 2 Ask About the Future Questions)

PRE-PAID only. We accept Credit Cards, Checks and Cash to guarantee our services and commitment. We value our clients and reputation.

Ready to book your one of a kind event?

Please call 1-877-605-6389. A Kiss N Tell staff will respond within 24 hours. If you prefer email,



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