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Video is becoming increasingly important to marketing online and offline.

If you want to be seen as highly credible in many target markets, not to mention selling effectively and automating your profits, you’ve got to seriously consider when the right time is for you to use video a little or a lot (depending on your goals, marketing strategy and preferences).  Launch your message on Social, Digital and Print Platforms with Production, Products and Promotions. You too can have amazing videos and author a book with a Landing Page, affordably.  And now offering Audio Books and DVD with Instant Download.



Kissed any frogs lately?  We have.  We Keep It Simple and Savvy. You tell us your idea, we sketch a storyboard, you give us a thumbs up and we do all the heavy work.

Are You  a Service Provider . . .


We CAN Help YOU . . .


If you answered

YES to at least one of the prevailing questions, YOU have to be seen, heard and read in today’s high tech world. Broadcast TV and High Traffic Radio Spots are very expensive. And if you want your message to repeat throughout the day, you are talking about THOUSANDS of dollars.  Video is the quickest and most effective way to reach millions utilizing Youtube, Social Media Sites, and your Landing Page, INSTANTLY



Your Video Choices

GOODPhoto Collage

BETTER – Groovy Typography

EVEN BETTER – Doodle Whiteboard

WAIT,  we wanted to do so much more for our customers. We wanted to offer a Landing Platform. Without a Landing Pad or a proven method to Launch your message, we only produced the message, just like everyone else. But we are NOT like everyone else.

Why are we doing this? We know how frustrating it is to rebuild websites, rebrand ourselves, buy new business cards, and re-do, reinvent or keep videos that are not working or are outdated. Expensive and time consuming. THUS, the Launch Pad. You simply provide us with your new images, pick a video theme from our gallery, tell us your new offering and we do the rest. . . EXTRAORDINARY!



We created a dynamic Landing Page and a Video Series so you can Mix and Match. Need a Welcome Video, Meet the Founder Video, Tips Video, Promotion Video or Opt-in Video? The list and opportunities are endless.  

AND THE MORE? We combined 30 plus years of experience and proven results to be your in-house Media PRO Agency. We offer a full boutique of services from a theory to your moment when you hold and read your very own book and watch your story trailer. And so does the World.

We Promote YOU via our proprietary methods to get your story read, heard and viewed.  Why? To drive awareness, fan growth, speaker engagements, residual sales and ongoing loyalty to your brand, The Expert.

Yes, we do all that And More . . .

I AM READY TO LEAP AND LAUNCH and Receive My Very Own Dynamic Landing Page Like This One. Absolutely FREE*. 




So now the only other question is…

“What are you waiting for?”




READY, SET . . .

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