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We launch your message on Social, Digital and Print Platforms with production, products and promotions.  We capture your workshop and integrate your services on video; we help service providers author their story, DIY manuals, fiction, non-fiction and expert handbooks and we even build your very own Landing Pad to orchestrate your unique offerings. And the more?  We promote YOU via our proprietary methods to get your story read, heard and viewed.  Why?  

– To drive awareness, fan growth, speaker engagements, residual sales and ongoing loyalty to your brand, The Expert. Yes, we do all that and more…

Help Lola find her Launch Pad.  Coming to a city near you. Online?  Anytime-anywhere.

P.S. Stay tuned for “DIY Video Online Marketing Tips” and “DIY The Book in You” home kits. For those Do It Yourself(ers) and on a dime budget. We say in the purest sense of love, For Those Who are Curious, Have an Uncle Earl, Can Do Attitude or Gotta Try It For Myself Folks…:)  

Launch it, Love it…says Anita & Anderson, the A++ team.  

video and publishing



Click on PUBLISH to learn more about publishing options, from coaching  to printing.


Click on LAND to go to a sample page. We customize your design with a landing page or website.


Click on LAUNCH to learn about promotion, audio, video books, and more.



And More...

We offer Custom Graphics, Logo Design, Branding, Speaker One-Sheet, Media Kit, Press Kit, Animation, Professional Photography, Headshots, Printing for all Marketing Materials, DVD & CD Authoring, Video and Audio Studio, Trailers, and More.

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Do you have a project that you’d like to start? Or have a few questions of your own?  Feel free to reach out to us. Just share with us your idea and we’ll respond asking you the necessary questions to move forward. Just click below to get things started:


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