October 12, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ 

Global Women’s Summit sponsored by Rolf’s Salon featured keynote speaker Marianne Williamson attended by Community Leaders

Anita Miranda and her crew made an appearance at the premier women’s event in Mesa-October 10, 2015, the Global Women’s Summit to represent Circle of Helping Hands a local community non-profit organization helping veterans, women and their children with a resource center to include internships. She was selected to be the official event photographer and took many photos around the event.  Miranda’s team of talented photographers have an eye to capture the moment.

While there Miranda was available as the Best Selling author promoting “Nana’s Helping Hand with PTSD”.  Her team spearheaded the red carpet photo-op provided by the main sponsor of the event, Rolf’s Salon, and Miranda met with lead speaker of the event, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder of the Global Women’s Summit.

The Global Women’s Summit is part of the large-scale Global Women’s Initiative operated by the Women’s Information Network ( The Summit concentrates on empowering and educating women in both personal and business sectors to ensure a positive, fulfilling life and career path for these individuals.

Rolf’s Salon sponsored the event, which was an overwhelming success for everyone involved. Rolph’s is one of the top ranking salons in the country and has been awarded the distinction of the “No. 1 Salon in Arizona” by BE National Beauty Magazine. For the past 27 years they have been providing excellent services to their customers and are instrumental in the spreading of awareness on women’s issues.

Rolf’s Salon believes in enriching the community in which they work and prosper and the event was just one in many of their many contributions to the community.

marianne williamson

Miranda had a chance to trade a few words and share her book with Williamson at the event. Williamson was engaged and interested in the book and asked Miranda many questions about it. The meeting will probably be the first in what hopefully will be more for the two.

On the red carpet, Miranda handed out fashion tips as she led the photography portion of the event. In a friendly manner, she prepped and lent a helping hand to make sure everyone looked their most fabulous. The photographs are evidence in themselves for Miranda’s sharp eye for fashion and her crew of professional photographers alongside her interns.

It was also the first time in two years Miranda was able to meet up with her friend Dolores Seright who is the author of the book “Shattering Barriers,” where Miranda’s story of “Follow Your Passion” is one of the aspiring women leaders in their communities.

On top of all this Miranda led a crew at her vendor booth to spread awareness for Circle of Helping Hands, Circle Of Helping Hands. Some of the workers at the booth included disabled, disadvantaged or over 50 years of age; she prides herself on employing people that are excellent workers but may have trouble finding work elsewhere or need new skills.

Overall Miranda and her crew were able to share PTSD awareness and demonstrate once again that being “abled differently” allows anyone to follow their dreams beginning with  healthy steps to healing PTSD families and education.  For Miranda, the Global Women’s Summit empowered her PERSONAL LIFE and ignited her PASSION.

Anita Miranda, USN Retired, M.Ed., bestselling children’s author of Nana’s Helping Hand with PTSD knows how PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) and not from combat disrupts lives. Miranda’s book catapulted to bestseller status after two days on—underscoring America’s crisis that we must accept and deal with—because families are crying out for urgent help in coping with PTSD. To reach Anita Miranda, please email or visit

~Submitted by Dylan Mallory


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