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AnitaButterflyThe Anita Miranda story is one of heartache and triumph, love, and loss. Affectionately known as Miranda, she has beaten the odds to become a Director, Advocate, Speaker, Videographer, and Philanthropist. This is all while operating two corporations, no mean feat! This would be an achievement for anyone, but to overcome the obstacles Anita Miranda had is nothing short of amazing.

Born into foster care, Anita Miranda was at a disadvantage from the start. Surviving against all odds she left school at 15 and soon joined the Job Corps. From here Miranda went on to gain her Bachelors and Masters Degrees, quite a triumph! On a personal level, Anita Miranda became fascinated with the movie ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. This movie stirred something deep inside Miranda and there was only one thing it could be. The Navy was calling her as a vocation and at the first opportunity, she enlisted. The ability to follow her heart towards her dreams was powerful inside Miranda and she has stayed true to this her entire life.

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Anita Miranda is a mother, grandmother and United States Navy veteran inspired to truly enrich and expand the young minds of tomorrow. From ward of the court to Navy recruit, Anita found her passion and sense of belonging when she swore in at the Naval Command Center. Tragedy struck her early when she obeyed a direct order from a Petty officer. She is now actively living with PTSD. Through the authorial voice of Navy Veteran Anita Miranda, “Nana’s Helping Hand with PTSD” presents a groundbreaking beautifully illustrated easy to read (various formats) for children living with Parental PTSD with invaluable defenses against the negative life-altering impact of children of PTSD parents.

From the outside, her life may have looked perfect, but in reality it was falling apart. Seemingly happily married with 2 children, her husband abandoned his family when his son was not but a few weeks old. This was a crushing blow, yet still Anita Miranda was determined to become all a single mom could be. Drawing inspiration from words her mother told her; ‘No one can ever take your education away from you’, Anita Miranda went on to earn her Master’s Degree. Then, another life changing event occurred to change the path of Anita Miranda’s life yet again.

The events of 9/11 changed her life forever as for so many people, Anita Miranda included. Feeling something was still awry in her life she went to the VA Medical Center and was soon diagnosed with PTSD. Being told she had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder did not solve how Anita Miranda felt, but it did give her comfort to know there was a name for how she was feeling. Again, this rallied Anita Miranda and she was about to enter the most fulfilling chapter in her life.

Anita Miranda formed the charity Circle of Helping Hands in 2004 and now has 20+ people contributing at various levels. This would be enough for most people, but the entrepreneur in Anita Miranda needed an outlet for its energies too. Fighting depression, anxiety, and physical ailments, she forged ahead to form Miranda’s Creatives, LLC introducing Media PRO Productions (now Media PRO and More), Living Disabled Not Dead, and Red Carpet Academy amazing service companies. Red Carpet Extravaganza, Miranda’s KISS and Kiss-N-Tell gives the entertainment industry something fun and unique and other projects such as Wacky Women in Combat Boots BLOG, Nana Knows PTSD and future fundraising developments ensure job opportunities, internships, and future leaders within this organization. Anita Miranda understands her time is limited. And her drive and determination will leave a legacy for others to follow.

Because Anita is finding her wings to fly….





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About the Author

Lights! Camera! Action!

Miranda never imagined that one day she would earn her Master’s degree.  Her education and experience led to becoming an Advocate, Director, Videographer, and Photographer. Now she’s living her dream:

Best Seller Author
“Nana’s Helping Hand with PTSD”

AnitaButterflyAnita grew up as a ward of the court with camera fright instilled from her foster parents where she was excluded from family photographs. She persevered and has overcome this same fear that plagues so many women and now she helps women feel beautiful and confident in front of the camera. She can directly relate to women who are awkward and unsure of themselves and help them to present authentically, so that they appear completely comfortable and relaxed, as if they’d been doing interviews and being filmed for years.

Throughout Miranda’s extensive career, she has always been in the business of helping people. She initially created Miranda’s KISS in the field of online dating, helping those looking for love to present themselves in the most flattering way possible for the best chance of finding love.

Currently, Anita is transforming herself again while uncovering the veil of Miranda. Currently, Anita is launching her own speaker platform, Anita Miranda, Finding My Wings To Fly.  


Anita Miranda PTSD and Families
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