Just Miranda

A Personal Letter “Just”

Hello there. My name is Miranda. “Just” Miranda. “Just” like it was in the “Navy Days.” I gather it was “just” easier to read someone’s name tag on our dungerees than to try to remember all the sailors around us. I want to share with you, my brother, my sister, my mother, and father who was and is willing to lay down their life for our freedom under our Commander in Chief my inspiration of creating this particular charity. I am not saying anything political. “Just” that as we know it, (you know who I am talking about) we don’t ask questions, we don’t hesitate, we are ready, willing, and able to act upon a moments notice to defend our country and her principles to share your thoughts and opinions freely.

I joined the Navy when I was “just” eighteen years old. I lived in a small country town where we had one country store and one road that led to nowhere and everywhere. A little highway known as Highway 66. As you can imagine, not much opportunity for a young girl who did not finish high school (note: earned a GED at sixteen and a master’s degree at forty) and had big dreams of being someone.

I was recruited while attending a University and six weeks later, I was in boot camp. If anyone tells you that boot camp was a breeze, they are lying. I don’t know what was worse, not sleeping or anticipating the door to open anytime with our company commanders barging in yelling how worthless and a disgrace we were. I will never forget the tears, the sweat, the heaving, the puking and the exhilaration of becoming one unit.

Graduation and our orders came next. I was a little sad that I did not have any family or friends to congratulate me. See, I lived most of my childhood in foster and group homes. My mother was too ill to take care of me. and that was okay…so I thought. I thought I could go through life not needing anyone, or leaning on anyone, or depending on anyone. I was mistaken. Because of my induction to the United States Navy, I had a family. I had friends. and I learned that it was okay to ask for help…Thus my vision and mission was to one day give back to those who gave of themselves so readily. Behold, Circle of Helping Hands, a non-profit, non-descrimatory charity to help those who want to help themselves…who “just” need a “Helping Hand.” I dedicate this effort to my late mother, Nora Miranda who in her own right was an amazing woman, leader, and inspired me to be the best I could be and be anything. I realize that I may have come from nowhere yet today I am going somewhere.

God Bless America and to all my family,